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Standing QL Release to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Standing QL Release to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Sharp stabbing pain in the lower back is often associated with an injury or active Trigger Points in the QL (Quadratus Lumborum) muscle. QL muscle is a thick muscle directly in the lower back area. It connects to the vertebras of the lumbar spine, the top of the iliac crest (top back part of the hip bone) and the bottom rib. This muscle controls movement at the waist and plays an important role in forced exhalation, such as in coughing or sneezing.
You will need a wall to lean on and sFera Massage Balls to perform this quick QL release.

Benefits of Performing QL Release

  • Relieve lower back and hip pain
  • Correct postural alignment in the lower back
  • Improve effectiveness of the core training
  • Eliminate lower back pain and tightness during abdominal exercises

Tightness in the QL muscle is often the result of active Trigger Points in the glutes. For best results make sure to perform one of the gluteal releases BEFORE you start the QL release. Here is a good one to try.

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