Firm Yoga Massage Balls for Deep Tissue Release


Soothe the aching muscles, speed up recovery, prime your body for performance!
Release muscle tightness while melting away the daily stress with sFera Deep Tissue Massage Balls. sFera massage balls are a lightweight, portable, and highly effective alternative to traditional foam rolling that you can take with you to the gym, work, or even on vacation.

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Do you enjoy the feeling of release and lightness in your body after a good massage? With sFera Yoga Massage Balls you can experience the benefits of a massage any where and any time.

  • sFera deep tissue massage balls were designed by a movement specialist in order to give everyone professional tools at home to perform daily trigger point and self-myofascial release.
  • sFera Yoga Massage Balls for Deep Tissue set includes 3 balls that can be used to release virtually any muscle in your body.
  • Whether you want to open up a tight back after a long day at work, prepare muscles for a tough workout or are looking for a targeted pressure point release to complement your massage or physical therapy sessions, sFera massage balls will do the job right for you.
  • The unique choice of materials and sizes used to make sFera Massage Balls is designed to survive the test of time while providing you with relief from muscle tightness whenever you need it.
  • This easy-to-use self-massage ball set also comes with a comprehensive guide/ebook with access to a video library that will teach you how to become your own expert massage therapist.

What’s Included:

  • 1 large firm massage ball (3.5″ diameter) to release large muscle groups. Material: natural sponge rubber.
  • 2 small firm massage balls (2.25″ diameter) to apply targeted pressure. Material: natural sponge rubber.
  • Small mesh bag for smaller balls. use 2 balls in a mesh bag (peanut roller) to massage muscles along the spine or around other bony protrusions.
  • Convenient carrying case to keep all of your massage balls in one place.

How Massage Balls Help In Relieving Muscle Pain

When exercising in any way, no matter whether you are pumping iron at the gym or you are taking a Pilates/Yoga class, your muscles will experience stress and strain due to the repetitive movement of the body. In turn, the muscles react to this stress by often contracting and forming what most people refer to as knots.

These knots are a natural reaction of the body and are a way for the muscle to protect itself from small injuries or overcompensation in the body when the body is not in alignment. Most everyone who is active and over the age of 30 will experience muscle knots from time to time but the main issue is when one knotted muscle causes imbalance in another muscle which in turn creates a chain reaction that can leave a person in a lot of pain.

The easiest way to work these knots out of your muscles is by applying pressure to the affected area with yoga style massage balls and essentially rolling the knot out much like rolling dough when baking.

At first, the muscle knot will hurt and the pain can be quite intense but with time and patience most muscles will start to feel better. The amount of time and effort required to release a muscle knot when using a massage ball will vary from person to person and sometimes the assistance of a massage therapist or chiropractor is required to feel greater relief from a stressed or contracted muscle.

To confirm if you have muscle knots or not it is highly advised to consult a medical professional and ask for the best course of action to find the relief that you are seeking.

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