sFera Toe Spreaders


2 Pairs of soft silicone toe spreaders and a BONUS spiky massage ball.

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  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: made from 100% silicone gel. sFera toe spacers are soft and flexible
  • EASY TO USE: stretch the toe separator and slide your toes in.
  • ACTIVE LIFESTYLE DESIGN: wear toe separators barefoot or in wide-toe shoes. Use during Yoga/Pilates
  • BONUS spiky massage ball: relieve foot soreness and massage your feet.

sFera Toe Spreaders kit includes:

  • 2 pairs of soft silicone toe separators designed to restore foot alignment;
  • 1 firm spiky massage ball
  • 1 carrying case

sFera Toe Spreaders provide a natural solution to improve foot and toe alignment.

Foot Soreness Relief and Toe Alignment

Using the included toe spacers for bunions will help restore alignment of the big toe and decrease discomfort.

Improved Foot Alignment

Corrective toe spacers will stretch your feet providing better balance and weight distribution to make you more stable while walking or exercising.

Beautiful Looking Feet

With continuous use, sFera toe spreaders will restore natural alignment of your toes so that you are not embarrassed to show off your feet.

Relief for Sore Feet

The sFera toe correctors will pamper your feet and provide relief for your sore and tired feet. Relax with the toe spacers on your feet and/or roll out your feet with the spiky massage ball. Your feet will feel pampered and light.

sFera Toe Spreaders was developed by a Pilates instructor to give everyone the necessary and affordable tools for healthy, strong and beautiful feet.


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