sFera Fit Feet: Toe Spreaders and Foot Fitness Kit

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Restore your feet back to health! Complete foot fitness kit for healthy, strong and beautiful feet.
The kit contains 1 pair of toe separators, 1 toe exerciser and 1 extra-firm foot massage ball.

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  • COMPLETE FOOT CARE KIT to straighten & stretch toes, provide relief for sore feet.
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: made from 100% silicone gel. sFera toe spacers are soft and flexible
  • EASY TO USE: stretch the toe separator and slide your toes in. Use guide for corrective exercises
  • ACTIVE LIFESTYLE DESIGN: wear toe separators barefoot or in wide-toe shoes. Use during Yoga/Pilates

sFera Fit Feet is a complete foot corrector set on the market. The set includes:

  • 1 pair of soft silicone toe spacers designed to restore foot alignment;
  • 1 toe exerciser to strengthen feet;
  • 1 hard foot massage ball to improve blood circulation in plantar fascia;
  • printed exercise and use instructions.

sFera Fit Feet provides a natural solution to improve foot and toe alignment.

Foot Soreness Relief and Toe Alignment

Using the included toe spacers for bunions along with the toe exerciser will help restore alignment of the big toe and decrease discomfort. Continuous use of the toe straighteners and included foot/toe exercises will provide lasting results.

Foot Strengthening for Runners

Corrective toe spacers will stretch your feet providing better balance and weight distribution to make you more stable during runs and prevent ankle and foot injuries. Using the sFera kit will also provide relief for plantar fasciitis and sesamoiditis.

Beautiful Looking Feet

With continuous use, sFera Fit Feet will restore natural alignment of your toes so that you are not embarrassed to show off your feet.

Relief for Sore Feet

The sFera toe corrector straightener set will pamper your feet and provide relief for your sore and tired feet. Relax with the toe spacers on your feet, roll out your feet with the foot massage ball and stretch apart compressed toes with our exclusive toe bands. Your feet will feel pampered and light.

sFera Fit Feet was developed by a Pilates instructor to give everyone the necessary and affordable tools for healthy, strong and beautiful feet.

7 reviews for sFera Fit Feet: Toe Spreaders and Foot Fitness Kit

  1. Barb

    I am a runner and I don’t take care of feet as I should. A friend recommended toe separators to me so I bought these on a whim. The toe separators are so nice. They fit perfectly and feel great. I walked around in them for a while! The bonus is the foot massage ball….This little ball made my feet feel heavenly after a run! I would buy this as a gift for any walker, runner, cross- training, or anyone on their feet a lot. For the low cost, it is worth the pamper!! And the gift box is cute too!

  2. Jenny

    I love this product. I have RA and my toes have become misaligned. The toe separators are very soft and I wear them almost 24 hours per day.

  3. Erica

    I love the toe corrector included in the kit. It’s a great value for any Pilates student who wants to continue working on their gait and foot alignment at home and don’t want to pay for the classical Pilates toe corrector (it’s over $50 along!) Toe separators are also very nice as I can wear them while teaching classes at the studio. During the mandate closure of my studio due to COVID-19 I advised all of my clients to get this kit and we were able to use the toe corrector and massage ball in our virtual classes. It’s a really great value!

  4. Yvonne B

    I wore these toe separators for a few weeks and really noticed a difference in my feet. My toes look straighter and I have less pain in my feet. The extra pieces in the box are really nice as well.

  5. Melissa Crawford

    LOVE this set. It has all you need from the small massage ball, toe separators and toe stretcher for healthy feet. These are also the most comfortable toe separators I have found. I have and would definitely recommend to everyone!! Best purchase, great quality and great price point.

  6. Lindy

    The shipping was so fast! The product came faster than estimated delivery from Amazon Prime and now I am getting my feet ready for cute sandals season. Bonus feature that I discovered: these toe separators are so comfy to wear while I am painting my toenails. No smudges and every toe nail is so easy to get to 🙂

  7. Andrea

    Love this set! Use it almost daily and my feet and legs feel better because of it. Great quality, price and effectiveness. I have recommend to many of my friends and family.

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