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How to Release Tight Hips and Back with Massage Balls

How to Release Tight Hips and Back with Massage Balls
  • Does your lower back ever tighten up?
  • Are you trying to get rid of painful muscles knots in your upper back and hips?
  • Do you feel stiff all over?
  • Would you like to improve your posture?

If you answered “yes” to either one of these questions then I have a perfect video workout for you today. This is a mobility workout that I do every time that I sit for long periods of time (working behind a computer, driving or traveling) and need to release muscle knots in major muscle groups.

Last week I shared with you a video of 3 essentials that I always take with me when traveling. One of my things that I always bring with me on vacation are sFera massage balls because they are lightweight and are easy to fit into any luggage while traveling. It’s needless to say that I was pretty tight after a 15-hour drive to the Florida Keys this year so I could not wait to use the massage balls.

Back and Hips Release with Massage Balls – Video

Join me during this 25-min flexibility and release workout using massage balls. If you don’t have sFera massage balls on hand you can use tennis balls or lacrosse balls but I would recommend going with a tool that is designed to penetrate the muscle tissue and offer the ideal amount of massage pressure.

  • Learn to use massage balls to release trigger points in glutes, lower back (QL), upper back and chest.
  • Perform self-myofascial release using massage balls to hydrate tissues and increase mobility.
  • Stretch lower back and hip flexors to release pain and tightness in the area.
  • Open up hips and chest with simple stretches to feel invigorated and free to move.

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2 responses to “How to Release Tight Hips and Back with Massage Balls

  1. Hello! I am anxious to try your video but I have a question first. In the photo/image of the video it shows you pulling your foot toward the glutes with the ball underneath. When I do this position, my lower quad, just above my knee (about six to eight inches long) hurts like crazy. It feels like I’m hurting myself. I also feel this same pain when I attempt to squat down to the floor and lower myself to kneel on one or two knees. Once I’m down on the floor, it doesn’t hurt as much but the lowering down is terrible! Do you have any suggestions for that area for stretching, using balls, etc.?

    Is it safe to do this exercise on the video if the area in my lower quad hurts?
    Thanks so much. Mary Ellen
    PS: I plan to order balls soon. I have lacrosse balls but are your balls different from the density of lacrosse balls?

  2. Hi Mary Ellen,

    Everybody’s flexibility level is different and your always need to listen to your body. Start by bending your knee to comfortable stretch level with the ball underneath but don’t focus on pulling the foot in to your glutes. Here are a few tips to help you:

    1. When you are doing a release with massage balls you are looking for “hurts so good” pain level. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being completely unbearable pain) you want to never exceed level 6 or 7 at most.

    2. You can try doing a few stretches using the couch for support. Here is the link to an Instagram video with demo.

    3. Regarding the massage balls: We have several different densities. Lacrosse balls are definitely the firmest and they can be extremely uncomfortable if you are dealing with very tight muscles or recovering from any injury. I always recommend to get started with softer balls.a Our pink (RLZ1) and red (RLZ2) massage balls are softer than lacrosse balls and would be a much better option for you to get started with the release work.

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