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QL Release and Stretch for Lower Back Pain Relief

QL Release and Stretch for Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back tightness or pain? Use this technique to release and stretch the QL (Quadratus Lumborum) using sFera Massage Balls.

Benefits of Performing QL Release

  • Relieve lower back and hip pain
  • Correct postural alignment in the lower back
  • Improve effectiveness of the core training
  • Eliminate lower back pain and tightness during abdominal exercises

Tightness in the  QL muscle can hike one hip up making you appear as if you have scoliosis or one leg shorter than the other one. Extremely tight QL muscles will also cause swayback (lordosis.) This tightness will make abdominal exercises (core work) less  effective because most of the tension will be felt in the lower back. As a result abdominal muscles will not engage fully.

Pain associated with Trigger Points in the QL muscle can occur in the hip, buttocks, or around the sacroiliac joint. Coughing or sneezing will cause sharp stabbing pain in the lower back.

Tightness in the QL muscle is often the result of active Trigger Points in the glutes. For best results make sure to perform one of the gluteal releases BEFORE you start the QL release.Here is a good one to try.

2 responses to “QL Release and Stretch for Lower Back Pain Relief

  1. Dear Anastasia — This really WORKS !!!! I have been suffering from QL muscle pain. I bought a Pilates Reformer and first saw you on a YouTube Video. That’s when I ordered the sera balls. Thank you for sending the email and the videos. These balls and your video have done more for relief of my lower back pain than all the physical therapy I have tried.

  2. Hi Elaine,
    I am so glad you found the video helpful and enjoyed using sFera massage balls.
    The combination of using sFera massage balls and practicing Pilates is really the best recipe to strengthen the core and eliminate back pain.
    I personally started my Pilates training when I was suffering from back pain. It’s been 10 years since I last felt my lower back hurt thanks to the consistence practice and use of the release techniques.

    Feel free to ask any questions! Good luck with your practice!

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