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Piriformis and Glutes Release to Relieve Lower Back and Hip Pain

Piriformis and Glutes Release to Relieve Lower Back and Hip Pain

Relieve chronic pain and tightness in the lower back and hip area by releasing Trigger Points in the Glutes and Piriformis. You will need large and small smooth sFera balls.
Trigger Points in the Piriformis and Gluteus Medius are notorious for causing Sciatica-like pain symptoms known as the Piriformis Syndrome.
The technique shown in this video will help you release muscles after a long day of work or before/after a strenuous workout. Include this release before your regular Yoga practice to experience greater hip openings and greater freedom of movement.

Benefits of the Self-Myofascial Trigger Point Release of the Piriformis and Gluteal Muscles

  • Relieve lower back pain and tightness
  • Relieve hip stiffness
  • Relieve pain in the hip and sacrum area
  • Relieve Sciatica-like symptoms (the Piriformis Syndrome)
  • Improve alignment of the pelvis (postural change)
  • Injury and pain prevention
  • Improve range of motion in the hip

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