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Upper Back Release to Relieve Upper Back Pain and Improve Posture

Upper Back Release to Relieve Upper Back Pain and Improve Posture

In this video we will focus on releasing Upper Back Muscles. In particular we will work with Rhomboids, Trapezius and Serratus Posterior Superior. You will need a wall to lean on and sFera Massage Balls.

Pain in the Upper Back is second only to the lower back pain. Modern lifestyle, emotional stress and poor body alignment all contribute to the development of Trigger Points in this area that in turn cause chronic pain, tightness and stiffness. Trigger Points in the Rhomboids are often the result of tightness in the Pectoral Muscles that habitually pull the shoulders forward. In this case make sure to perform your Pectoralis Major and Minor release BEFORE you get to the Upper Back Muscles.

This video can be performed first thing in the morning, in the office, before or after your workout, before going to bed – the possibilities are limitless. You will enjoy a better posture, more open feeling in the Upper Back and greater freedom of movement in this area.

Benefits of the Rhomboids Release

  • Relieve pain around the shoulder blade
  • Release tension in the upper back area
  • Improve posture

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