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Introduction to Trigger Point Release with Practical Techniques

  • Do you feel pain in your muscles that cannot be diagnosed by doctors?
  • Are your muscles perpetually tight and inflexible regardless of how much you stretch them?
  • Do you struggle improving range of motion in some of your joints because of stiffness?
  • Or maybe you have unexplained numbness in your extremities?

Surprising as it may seem but your muscles can actually be the cause of all your troubles. Your muscles are working hard to protect themselves while they are harboring tiny contraction units called Trigger Points.

Trigger Points are the result of overuse, underuse, misuse or direct injury to the muscle. In a response to the unwanted circumstances the muscle contractile units called sarcomeres contract but they fail to release. The result of this contraction is taut band in the muscle that may or may not cause direct pain. In fact, most trigger points actually refer pain to a different spot.

For example, a trigger point in Infraspinatus (a shoulder muscle located in the back of the shoulder) manifests itself as a dull ache in the front of the shoulder. It actually feels like a joint pain rather than muscle pain.

Thankfully, most trigger points can be discovered and released using simple tools or your hands. In this video you will learn a practical technique that can be used to release most of the trigger points in the body. We will demonstrate techniques to locate and release trigger points in Infraspinatus (that cause shoulder pain) and Gluteus Medius (lower back pain.)

You will need small smooth sFera massage ball. If you do not have a foam roller you can use a large smooth sFera massage ball to locate trigger points in those spots.

Did you find the video helpful? Share it with your friends so that they can too learn to treat their Trigger Points.

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