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How to Stretch and Release Tight Muscles for Runners

How to Stretch and Release Tight Muscles for Runners

Tired of tight muscles after a run? Do you want to improve flexibility and minimize soreness? These MUST-DO exercises will leave you feeling light on your feet and ready for your next big run! Even more, they will help you prevent (or find lasting relief for) plantar fasciitis, relieve lower back pain/stiffness after a run and loosen tight hamstrings.

This workout combines essential stretches for runners with self-myofascial release to target muscle knots and improve your performance. You will stretch/release calf muscles, hamstrings, hip flexors and flexors – all major lower body muscle groups that are used during running.


1. Double/peanut massage roller – I recommend sFera RLZ2 massage balls (available in our store)
2. Stretching strap (or a belt) – I am using sFera PRO Stretching Strap


Repeat this sequence after each run or several times during the week to increase lower body flexibility

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