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Stretch and Release Muscles after a Long Drive: Back, Hips and Shoulders

Stretch and Release Muscles after a Long Drive: Back, Hips and Shoulders

Do you feel tight and stiff after a long drive or a flight? All of those hours of sitting create tension and tightness in the back , hips, hamstrings and chest.

Spend only 10 minutes to do these essential stretches and releases that will make you feel awesome and ready for all the fun that you have planned for the day.

I always bring a small sFera peanut roller (2 firm massage balls in a mesh bag) with me when traveling to give my back and hips a quick massage and release the tension built up after driving. The massage balls will improve blood circulation in the area (a necessity after you’ve been sitting still for hours!) and will massage out tight muscles knots that you have built up. It’s a very easy way to take care and pamper your body anywhere and any time.

This video features standing-only stretches for back, chest and hamstrings that you can do even in the smallest space. I usually don’t like to get down on the floor in hotels so standing routines are my personal preference. Try it, save it to your personal playlist and comment below to say how it felt!

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