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Lower Back Release for Strong Core

Lower Back Release for Strong Core

There are two major reason why most people decide to strengthen their core:

  1. Get strong core to flatten stomach.
  2. Strengthen core to prevent or eliminate back pain.

Regardless of which camp of core “enthusiasts” you fall in, we can all benefit from some gentle release for our lower and upper back. In fact we often work so much to strengthen all of our muscles that we forget that we need to give them rest and learn to RELEASE them.

Lower back often suffers the most from long hours of sitting OR hours of ab exercises done with poor form. When we learn to release the tightness built up in the back of our bodies we can improve our form during any exercises which results in more effective core training. Today we will work on lower and upper back releases that will leave your body feeling amazing.

For this video you will need 2 massage balls. I am using sFera Therapy massage balls but if you don’t have those on hand you can use tennis balls, lacrosse balls or toy balls – basically anything that you can find around the house.

2 responses to “Lower Back Release for Strong Core

  1. Hi Anastasiya. I loved your video; how your describe and explain everything you did, thank you so much. I am definitely going to use this in my class. Please can I just ask two questions: How big are the spikey balls and are they soft or hard? (are they solid or do they give under pressure?)

    1. Hi Charmaine,

      I am glad you found the video helpful. The spiky balls that I use are 2″ in diameter and I find those to be a great starter option. You can later move up to 2.5″ spiky balls. The balls have some give, they are hollow on the inside. They are definitely harder than little spiky toy balls that you can find in dollar and toy stores but they are not as hard as dryer balls or hot/cold therapy balls. The whole set is available for sell through Amazon

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