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Forearm and Hand Release to Relieve Wrist, Elbow and Hand Pain

Forearm and Hand Release to Relieve Wrist, Elbow and Hand Pain

Release trigger points in the forearm muscles to relieve wrist, elbow and hand pain. You will need a wall to lean on, a table and sFera Massage Balls.

Of all the muscles that you have thoughts about releasing forearms are probably the last ones. In fact, many people are not aware of any tightness or muscle knots in their forearms until they discover pain in the elbow or wrist. Many people live many years with occasional numbness or tingling in their fingers without ever giving these symptoms any attention.

“Tennis elbow” and “carpal tunnel syndrome” are two terms that get thrown around a lot if there is any pain in the elbow or wrist. However, all of these symptoms can be merely a sign of active Trigger Points in the forearm.

Trigger Points in the forearm are easily aggravated by our modern lifestyle that involves long hours of typing, writing with a pen (not so much these days) and any sport activity that requires you to grip something for long periods of time (yes, an occasional tennis match can be the cause of all the pain.)

If you have any pain, tingling or numbness in the hand then it can be a sign of active Trigger Points in the arm and shoulder muscles. Please refer to the release techniques in those muscles (click here) before you work on releasing Trigger Point in the hand itself.

Benefits of the Forearm and hand Trigger Point Release

  • Relieve hand and wrist pain.
  • Relieve “tennis elbow” symptoms.
  • Relieve stiffness in the hands.
  • Relieve discomfort in the palm and thumb area.
  • Improve grip strength.

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