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Chest Release to Correct Posture and Open Up Tight Pecs

Chest Release to Correct Posture and Open Up Tight Pecs

Correct slouched posture by releasing chest muscles using sFera massage balls.

Trigger Points in the Pectoralis Major and Minor cause tightness and shortening of this muscle group. As a result the shoulders are being pulled forward creating a round-shouldered posture and sponsoring Trigger Point creation in the back muscles.

It is needless to say that hours spent behind the computer with bad posture (head forward, shoulders rounded) are detrimental to the health of the Pectoralis Major and Pectoralis Minor. Young mothers are also at risk of developing Trigger Points in this area as they are nursing and caring for the baby.

Carrying a heavy backpack that makes you lean forward to lighten the weight of the load can be another cause of Trigger Points in the pecs.

Repeat this technique at the end of the day to counteract negative effects of the modern lifestyle or before any workout to experience more opening in the chest and shoulder area.

Benefits of the Pectoralis Major and Minor Release

  • Improve posture (correct the round-shouldered, head-forward posture.)
  • Relieve chest and front of the shoulder pain.
  • Increase range of motion in the shoulder (particularly the movement of reaching the arm back.)
  • Successful deactivation of the Pectoralis Major and Minor Trigger Points is essential to the effective release of the Trigger Points in the upper back and shoulder muscles as the latter are sponsored by the tightness in the pecs.

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  1. Hello, thank you for teaching how to use the massage ball. I bought one massage ball before but I think I didn’t use it correctly after watching your video. Thank you for your video again.

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